Our Story

                 Prof. Dumbledairy is an initiative by a young enthusiast and dairy professional who wants to tell stories about dairy products. About how they are made and how you should select the appropriate one for your personal nutrition. 

                   Let me tell you an interesting story today. When I first came to know about "Dairy Technology" the first thing that crossed my mind was, "HOW COME I NEVER THOUGHT OF SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD EXIST?" But then I realized how easily we hold all dairy items for granted on our breakfast table. Starting from the simple glass of milk every morning, to ample butter on the bread; From sprays of whipped cream on the refreshing fruit dish in the afternoon to loads of cheese on our exotic Italian dinner and creamy ice cream in the desert, our lives and diet is filled with milk and dairy products. 


                Did you know Dairy in India transforms 188 million tons of milk into more than 150 delicious products at huge food factories? But how? What machines do they use? How do they transport them and bring them to our plate fresh every morning?
               Ever since I entered this field as a student, I often come across questions from friends, family, and people on various online platforms, and over time these questions have kept becoming more and more interesting. P
eople are curious about their favorite items in the grocery basket, and the curiosity has to be nurtured & addressed responsibly by some of us belonging to the fraternity.

             PROF. DUMBLEDAIRY  is an effort to initiate a friendly and insightful conversation about your curiosities. It is a platform for all of you to ask, talk and share ANYTHING about Milk and Dairy and be assured about an equally affectionate reply from a dairy professional who is one among you: A foodie and fond lover of CHEESE.