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Prof. Dumbledairy is an initiative by a young enthusiast and dairy professional.
Anything you want to know about milk & dairy products, we've got you covered

Fun facts...

  • Cheese is believed to be made accidentally about 8000 years ago in Iraq when nomadic people used bags made of animal skin for storing milk during the voyage.

  • A mother Sea whale feeds her offspring underwater by shooting milk balls into the water for baby whales to engulf.

  • Cockroach milk is four times as nutritious as cow's milk.

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Ashish Sahuji

B. Tech (Dairy Technology)

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I'm a millennial having a bachelor's in Dairy Technology, aspiring an agri-enterprise from middle India firmly believing in the development of sustainable food value chains delivering safe food & communities based on communication and mutual trust. An enthusiastic photographer, a blogger who is always up for any cheerful conversation and knowledge sharing.

I've worked on community building programs emphasizing an innovative approach in creating value-driven agri-enterprises with young leadership & smart management.

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